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The group combines expertise from various areas of condensed matter physics, magnetism, materials science, and engineering. The participating researchers have their instrumentational and analytical base in the various Divisions of the Institute of Magnetism and the Institute of Physics of Metals of the Ukraian Academy of Sciences. The core of the group has formed from running externally funded focused research projects incompassing magnetism and materials science at IMAG and IMP.


The group is active in thin film and multilayer fabrication, structural and magnetic characterization, as well as advanced computational techniques for the analysis of atomic, electronic and magnetic structure of films, multilayers as well as interfaces. Some of the currently active areas of research and available resources are:
  • effects of heat treatment on atomic, electronic structure and magnetism in films and at interfaces
  • structural, magnetic, and electronic properties of transition metal alloys
  • interstitial and substitutional impurities in transition metal alloys
  • binary, ternary, and multi-element lattices, including oxides and doped oxides
  • interface structure and magnetism, mechanism of roughness, interdiffusion and alloying in multilayers
  • phase transformations, shape memory effects
  • sputtering, evaporation, XRD, XPS, SEM, TEM, PEEM, Mössbauer, magnetometry, etc.
  • advanced computational material science resources, own thermodynamic methods for predicting and analysing the key electronic properties of materials

Permanent research and technical staff:

Y. I. Dzhezherya – senior scientist
G. S. Firstov – senior research fellow
S. A. Kalkuta – senior scientist
O. M. Korduban – senior scientist
A. F. Kravets – senior scientist
A. P. Skoblik – research engineer
A. N. Timoshevskii – senior scientist
B. Z. Yanchitsky – senior scientist
V. I. Yeremin – senior scientist
S. O. Yablonovsky – junior scientist

Selected Publications

Reflection of infrared radiation by crystalline dielectrics in a magnetic field - JETP 2004
Structure and magnetism of CoxAg1-x films - PRB 1999
Surface oxidation of NiTi shape memory alloys, Biomaterials 2002
Effects of carbon and nitrogen on electronic structure in iron-based alloys, J. Phys. Cond. Mat. 2001
Ordering Effects and Hyperfine Interactions in Fe-N Austenites - Hyperfine Interactions 2004
A New Method for Analyzing Mossbauer Spectra - Hyperfine Interactions 2004
Transduction of erythrocytes, ecdysterone, and cholesterol immobilized on nanodispersed magnetite - JMMM 2001
High-temperature shape memory alloys: Some recent developments - Materials Science and Engineering 2004
Ab initio studies of magnetism in transition-metal-doped silicon carbide - PRB 2007
Corrosion-resistant analogue of Hadfield steel - Materials Science and Engineering A 2006


Dr. Andrei Timoshevskii
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