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Volodymyr Kokorin, Head of Department of Magnetostructural Transformations

Contact information:
Institute of Magnetism
36-b Vernadsky Blvd.
Kyiv 03142
phone: +380 44 424 34 20
fax: +380 44 424 10 20

Prof. - Institute of Metal Physics, Kyiv, Ukraine (1989).
D.Sc. - Institute of Metal Physics, Kyiv, Ukraine (1980).
Ph.D. - Institute of Metal Physics, Kyiv, Ukraine (1969).
M.Sc. - National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI", Kyiv, Ukraine (1964).

Research interests
  • Main field: solid state physics, phase transformations, magnetic and martensitic transitions.
  • Other fields: X-rays and electron diffuse scattering, structure of inhomogeneous solid solutions, shape memory alloys.
  • Current research interests: study of martensitic and magnetic transformations of Ni-Mn-Ga and Fe-Ni-Co-Ti alloys. Soft-mode behavior in shape memory alloys. Physical properties of SMA. X-ray and electron microscopy analysis of premartensitic and martensitic states.

Professional experience
  • Head of department ( 1995) - Institute of Magnetism, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Head of department (1984-1995), Head of Laboratory (1982-1984), Senior research scientist (1972-1982), Junior Research Scientist (1969-1972), Postgraduate student (1965-1969) - Institute of Metal Physics, Kyiv, Ukraine.

  • 1993 - Ukrainian state prize winner (in Physics).

Number of papers in refereed journals - 196
Number of books - 1
Number of communications at scientific meetings - 22

Selected Papers
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