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Anatolii Pogorily, Head of Department of Physics of Thin Films

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Institute of Magnetism
36-b Vernadsky Blvd.
Kyiv 03142
phone: +380 44 424 90 95
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Corresponsing Member of the NAS of Ukraine - Kyiv, Ukraine (2000).
Prof. - Institute of Metal Physics, Kyiv, Ukraine (1992).
D.Sc. - Institute of Metal Physics, Kyiv, Ukraine (1983).
Ph.D. - Institute of Metal Physics, Kyiv, Ukraine (1969).
M.Sc. - National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine (1964).

Research interests
  • Physics of Magnetic Materials and Their Applications.
  • Radiospectroscopy of Thin Films, Signal Processing.

Scope of Activities
Performed broad research into various aspects of the resonance phenomena (electron spin resonance, nuclear magnetic resonance) in magnetic thin films and multilayers. Carried out detailed studies of NMR spectra in amorphous and crystalline films containing rare earth elements; elucidated features of the influence of quadruple interaction on the spin echo peculiarities in these films. Measured magnetic interaction constant in amorphous films of the rare earth - 3d transition metal alloys.
Proposed and put into practice a number of ideas concerning: (i) development of new magnetic-film-based elements for the devices of radio-frequency signal processing and recording; (ii) fabrication of extremely thermo-stable magnetic-recording-media for the flight recorders; (iii) creation of multilayered and modulated thin film structures for ultrahigh density data storage devices; (iv) preparation of heterogeneous thin films with unique magnetic and magnetoresistance properties.

Selected Paper
  • A. Pogorily, E. Shypil, C. Alexander. A study of magnetization in exchange-coupled FM/Gd bilayers. - J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 286, 493 (2005) [pdf - 104 kB].
  • A. Tovstolytkin, A. Pogorily, A. Vovk, D. Podyalovskii, I. Lezhnenko and A. Matviyenko. Magnetoresistance and phase separation in thin films of moderately Sr-doped manganites. - J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 272-276, p.p. 1839–1840 (2004) [pdf - 165 kB].
  • A.Ya. Vovk, V.O. Golub, L. Malkinski, A.F. Kravets, A.M. Pogorily, O.V. Shypil'. Tunneling magnetoresistance in granular cermet films with particle size distribution. - J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 272-276 (2004) E1403-E1405.
  • A.Ya. Vovk, J.-Q. Wang, W. Zhou, J. He, A.M. Pogoriliy, O.V. Shypil, A.F. Kravets, H.R. Khan. Room temperature tunneling magnetoresistance of electron beam deposited (Co50Fe50)x(Al2O3)1-x cermet granular films. - J. Appl. Phys. 91, 10017 (2002) [pdf - 182 kB].
  • C.J. O’Connor, V.O. Golub, A.Ya. Vovk, A.F. Kravets, A.M. Pogoriliy. Influence of particle size distribution in cermet nanocomposites on magnetoresistance sensitivity. - IEEE Trans. Magn. 38 (5, Pt.1), 2631 (2002) [pdf - 198 kB].